Belgian Mobile ID

Belgium’s leading banks and mobile network operators have joined forces in a consortium to create the Belgian reference for mobile identity and digital privacy.

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We are Belgian Mobile ID

On 18 July 2016 our shareholders signed a joint agreement. Their shared aim is to offer all Belgian citizens the most secure means of electronic identification currently available.

With our mobile solution, we want to make it easier for anyone with a mobile phone and a Belgian eID to digitally log in, register, confirm transactions and even sign documents.

Our seven founding members

An increasingly digital society needs a digital ID

That’s why we’re launching a single digital ID that can be used for all digital interactions, from logging on or signing up to various websites, making secure payments and validating contracts to book a holiday.

The need for this service is bound to keep growing in future, just like our mobile connectivity in the world of the 'Internet of Things'.

Government services
Online accounts

You shouldn’t have to choose between security and convenience...

Today, people are confronted with many different ways of identifying themselves, such as logins, passwords, PIN codes, tokens, etc. In such situations, they often have to choose between security and convenience.

...but you should be able to use and share your personal data securely and easily.

Thanks to our solution, using and sharing your digital personal data can now be done securely, easily and with respect for privacy.

Belgian Mobile ID is launching itsme®, the app with which you can quickly and securely log in, share data and sign. Everywhere and anytime.

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Our commitment

Our new solution for identification and authentication makes it easier and safer to manage your personal data in the digital world.

We want to become the standard for digital identification and authentication in Belgium. Our approach is based on four pillars:

Your security: our priority

The security of your personal data is our primary concern. We have created a new form of digital identification and authentication which uses an app on your smartphone and your SIM card. The only thing you need to be able to use it as a unique code.

Your privacy in your own hands

We believe everyone should have control over their online privacy. With a clear and secure digital identification and authentication system, everyone’s a winner - both the customer and the service provider.

Accessible to everyone

It is our ambition to offer an easily accessible, high quality service which is available to everyone in Belgium.

User-friendly services

Security and convenience should go hand in hand. That’s why we develop services that are user-friendly, fast and efficient.

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Our project is evolving at pace. Do you have any questions about the security of mobile identification or digital privacy? Would you like to know more about Belgian Mobile ID? We look forward to hearing from you.